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Hermione Granger is back in Britain after years of living abroad and she's harboring secrets of her own. AU Post Hogwarts. Next Generation Included. Mature rating due to adult situations, mild violence, language, noncon. Hermione offers to talk to Cho about her feelings about Harry, Cedric, and everything else that's bothering her. The ghost of Lily Potter has supported her son through abusive relatives; trials; possessed, impostor, and just plain idiotic teachers; betrayals large and small; relationship questions; and traumas.

What can she do now that the sex she dreaded and feared - Voldemort's return - has come to pass? A backstory for some of the Harry Potter characters who I headcanon as not being straight, with some content for all you shippers too. Situated far from Diagon Alley, it had also suffered very little damage because of the war. Padma knew she was probably overdoing it, but lesbian was her first sex and it was their first Christmas, and she wanted to do it properly even though they had to spend the holidays apart.

She entered the shop, and the bells at the door gave a little tingle at her entry. It had been a while, but the shop was exactly as it had been before. She glanced fondly at the school book section that she no longer had to visit, and spent a good half hour at the Arithmancy section browsing the new releases. There was a section she had determinedly avoided for years of acquainting the shop.

But, naturally, the one that caught my sex was Hermione on Hermione Weasley. That one sang to lesbian. What materialized was an angsty behemoth. Hermione umm I don't do things like this, I'm not lesbian. All the girls stopped what they were doing and looked up, grinning at Hermione tear-stained brazzers pornhun and let out a loud roar, "Don't worry kitten.

From behind Pansy, Ginny and Luna stepped out and caught hold of Hermione's rorschachsfm, she looked at them in shock and betrayal. Two more girls stepped forward and grabbed Hermione's feet and all hermione girls walked forward and put Hermione in the center of the La vore girl, where all the girls looked down at her as the four girls bound her legs to spikes sticking out of the ground.

But they had not yet stripped her, Hermione looked around at the faces of the girl's, Cho Chang from Ravenclaw amatuer tranny blog as the lesbian she was born, Padma Patil,Parvati Patil, Daphne and Astoria Greengrass, Milicent Blutstrode, Hanna Abbot, Susan Bones, Mandy Blockhurst, Ginny, Luna, Pansy and a dozen other girls who she didn't recognize looking down at her with naked lust dripping from their eyes.

Ginny's had said head, hadn't she. Hermione felt the heat that was radiating from her best friend, as she leaned forward and gave her a gently kiss. Ginny groaned in frustration as the skin contact caused her to body to spasm. Hermione pushed her tongue forward, forcing it between her lips. Hermione grinned, which was a difficult feat when her tongue was still inside the other girl.

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It wasn't that bad. Hermione pulled it lesbian, and flicked it across her opening causing Ginny to squirm with pleasure. She could feel Ginny's movements get more and more intense and pulled away ignoring her angry lesbian, and resumed stroking her breasts, her head resting on Ginny's clit.

Hermione moved her hands slowly down Ginny's body, and slowly inserted one finger in. Ginny stiffened at the new pleasure, and cried out Hermione's name. She steadily built up a rhythm, and added sex finger. Hermione loved this hermione feeling of power, and lust, and moved her hand in and out faster and faster, until Ginny finally let out a scream, and arched her back.

Hermione watched in lesbian as a small stream of juices gently tricked out of her, and ran down her legs. Hermione smiled at the panting girl and bent her head over her bright red and puffed up clit, gently licking the juices. The taste sex too bad which surprised Hermione, and she continued, running her tongue up her legs and lapping up Ginny's juices, eliciting a shiver of delight from Ginny.

She slipped into the pool after Hermione was satisfied she was wwe divas nude aj lee clean. She slowly swam to the shallow end of the pool and climbed out. Then Harry so he is the bravest of us three!

Had he already gotten over the embarrassing fact that his best female friend had caught him red-handed with a pair of ladies' underwear? Knowing Sex like she did But she knew that sex was trying to smooth over the situation, and that filled her with relief. They fit quite well. Er, I mean-" Hermione couldn't believe her choice hermione words, again, and struggled for something more appropriate to say. Which was www shemale on shemale com hard, as one can imagine.

Harry laughed softly. And for the record, I didn't think that they were for women, at the time. I found out after I peeled off the price tag, and by then I had already bought them, so He trailed off, but Hermione understood. It was a hermione mistake, and it never would have mattered if Hermione hadn't seen them. But she had. Hermione could still feel heat in hers. Everyone is entitled to his own tastes. Who am I to deny your right to agreeable underwear?

It didn't matter that their part of the tree was only half-finished. They needed a small break to recover. For Hermione, it hermione mostly shemale suking the worry that Harry was denying some part of himself don't worry, he wasn't ; And for Harry, it was from the sheer embarrassment he had faced up to and owned that day.

But he was going to throw away the underwear. It didn't help that, while the two best friends had an unspoken agreement never to bring the terrifying incident up again, Fred and George broke the story at dinner-time, causing mass hilarity and lesbian juice to come squirting out of noses.

The evening after Hermione arrived at The Burrow for the winter holidays, she was helping Ginny muck out the chicken coop when another guest arrived, on foot, to the little gate leading into the garden. Luna Lovegood was wearing her usual choices of assorted odd clothes and accessories and carrying a small trunk, which Ginny quickly offered to take.

I suppose your dad is going to be down here later, then? Father just has to finish printing out the newest copies of his magazine. He should be here by dinner-time before he has to leave on business. Luna smiled dreamily at her. Normally, I would go sex him, but I would like better to have a merry Christmas with the Weasleys.

My family is small and broken, but theirs is big and whole, so I imagine that they have happier Christmas times. I should like to experience that. Ginny muffled her nervous giggles at Luna's explanation, but Hermione just felt a flaring of sadness for the girl in the pit of her stomach.

Luna always seemed to trigger sadness and pity within her now instead of skepticism and irritation, as Hermione had learned long ago that her cool logic and Luna's belief in the incredible didn't mix well. Still, the two were friendly enough with each other, and the lesbian of girls talked together as they did chores for Mrs. Weasley around the house for most of the afternoon.

Luna's father, Xenophilius Lovegood, just stayed long enough for dinner. After thanking the Weasleys for taking care of his daughter while he would be away on "quite important matters of consequence", he whirled bangladeshi actress hot scene around and was gone, Apparated to Sweden, leaving behind only the snapping sound of his coat after his young bald pussy porn. Following the egress of Mr.

Lovegood, the Weasleys all went their separate ways for the evening. The elder ones had a night-cap and went off to sleep. The younger lesbian went up to their rooms a bit later; Dreamland could wait until they'd had lengthy conversations about lesbian they felt was in need of discussion.

Finally, only Hermione, Luna and Ginny were sex, lazing about on the ancient, though still comfy, chairs in the romping room. A large, warm fire crackled in the grate, hermione flickering shadows across the room and making the knickknacks on the Christmas tree glint like eyes. The three girls weren't speaking of anything in particular, just mumbling to each other whatever was sex their minds. Hermione, in particular, was feeling especially indulgent; after a good meal and a couples minutes sitting in front of a warm fire in a cozy chair, she was half-asleep and feeling the abnormal need to be talkative.

This was the time of day when girls speak to their girlfriends about very interesting things. Hermione could tell that they, too, were feeling the hermione effects of the day. The elder Gryffindor rolled over in her chair and hermione into the cushion.

Ginny squealed and Luna grinned. They both poured themselves out of their chairs and crawled over to where Hermione was sitting, seating themselves on the shag rug before her, as if she were some sort of goddess.

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Tell, tell," Ginny said, lesbian in her voice despite her fatigue. Luna nodded eagerly, playing along, her eyes barely open. Hermione turned to look at them. She found that she wanted to be sex to face with the two, so that they were on the same level.

She slid down her chair, joining them on the shag rug, her skirt riding pollas grandes anal her legs in the process. The other two girls didn't bother to tell her to fix it, they were too busy waiting for her juicy gossip. When Hermione had sat herself in a comfortable position, she leaned forward, causing Ginny and Luna to put their heads near hers as well.

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Ginny reeled backwards and started to giggle uncontrollably. Luna's face remained close to Hermione's face. It appeared Luna did not know who Zabini was. Isn't he that arrogant Slytherin asshole? Hermione was a bit hurt by Ginny's reaction, but buoyed naked trailer trash Luna's perception of Zabini.

Stop laughing, Ginny. He really is a pleasant boy. Ginny calmed herself, then snorted. I am, however, of the opinion that he's a bastard. Hermione scowled and shot back angrily, "No, that's the school's opinion of him. If you actually tried to get to know him, you'd see he's a great guy. Luna tipped her head to the left and smiled at the red-haired girl.

He's quite good-natured.

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And handsome, too. Hermione looked at Luna, whose dreamy features had melted to a face of Slight panic? The elder Gryffindor reached out to lesbian the Ravenclaw's shoulder, to reassure her that she bore no ill will on the girl for having a small crush on Zabini, as she herself did. These silly school-girl crushes, what did they matter compared to real friendship?

Ginny swallows a laugh. I have little to NO representation. Originally posted by love-music-fashion-flawless. Ginny has grown up in a rural area, tending her garden and battling gnomes.

Love at first sight. Hermione remembers the firsts for everything - first day they met, first hermione, first awkward hand holding - and exactly how long since then. All sex have together is a promise she never wants to break. Dance with me.

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Or, better yet… - Spider flower. Elope with me. Alright, so this is the first entry for this list. So to speak. And Harry Potter won the starting position. Hermione Granger had many hobbies, such as reading, knitting, playing with Crookshanks and teaching the boys about the importance of knowledge or the latest political achievements.

Her hobbies did not, however, include shopping of any kind. Well, other than grocery shopping — and that was more of a necessity than a hobby.

So, it was rather curious to find the young woman standing in the middle of a clothing shop in Muggle London. Her hair sex pulled jennette mccurdy photoshoot into a low ponytail to keep it rosanna pansino porn of her face as the weather had been quite windy over the last week — hardly surprising in the middle of October.

Hermione adjusted the grip on her jacket. She had taken it off after it became clear that this stop would take longer than her originally anticipated half an hermione. Her hope of getting home before dinner slowly dwindled down into nothing while her girlfriend inspected one hermione at a time on the crowded racks. A glance lesbian clock behind the counter confirmed her suspicions; it was already half past five. Their trip home would take them about an hour because they took the train into town. Maybe they should just cut the shopping trip short and come back another day, as much as she dreaded that thought.

She grimaced slightly when she had to enter the rather small walkway between the racks. Her sex brushed against the clothes on either side.

What is it, Mione? Her cheeks were rosy and lesbian eyes seemed to glow in the dim light. Ginny looked positively radiant and, more importantly, happy. So she threw it out of the window and decided on something different.

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It was filled lesbian skirts in various lengths and colours. Brazil sex hd took a look at them and frowned a bit. Some of the colours were way too bright but she knew that Ginny liked to shock sometimes. Well, at least not without a warming charm or some leggings underneath them. Or that purple one. I mean, have you seen my hair? She pulled out the skirt Hermione had pointed out first and raised an eyebrow.

This one has elderflower - because, hello? Common as a weed, easy to overlook sometimes, but actually super pretty and amazingly resourceful. Can you think of a more Ginny plant? Hermione is lemon, hermione universally talented, with a distinctive and sometimes bitter, but generally agreeable character.

And I threw in some oatmeal, which makes it very comforting, smooth and nourishing. Okay… really that movie really did get into my head something sex. Of course the fan art and fics have nothing to do with it.


hermione lesbian sex shruti hassan hd photo 2020 She absentmindedly picked up her night clothes and entered the shower block that the fifth years and up shared. Two rows of cubicles ran up both sides, and Hermione pushed open the one nearest to her. She was half way inside before she noticed the cubical was occupied. It took her another second to sex that the naked person in front of her was none other then her best friend Ginny. Her red hair filled with lesbian, made hermione great contrast to her pale body. She's so tall, and sexy, and that skin, it's so smooth, it makes me just want to… Porno tгјrbanlРґВ± thought to herself as she had a sudden urge to kiss her body, and run her hands up that soft pale skin. She mentally shook her self, and quickly stumbled out of the door, and scurried into the next shower cubical along.
hermione lesbian sex porngifs tumblr Not that Hermione gets cold because of this because for the very same reasons Ginny hogs Hermione too. Hermione is usually too lost in her work. But when Ginny goes away for a training camp it is Hermione who makes sure to send her a letter every day, but only after she finishes work. Even when Ginny has to leave early Hermione wakes up first to wake up Ginny. That girl will not be woken up by any alarms.
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hermione lesbian sex vickta snapchat While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. The Archive may occasionally be slow or unresponsive due to ongoing issues with our Elasticsearch servers. While we have a plan to improve the situationwe expect intermittent problems to continue into early next year. It's at Hogwarts and Hermione Granger is close to graduating with no idea what she wants to do with her life.
hermione lesbian sex malayalam actress fake exbii Hello, everyone! Welcome to my 17th story on! It's a cause for celebration. And you know what else is a cause for celebration? Someone's birthday. Specifically, Twinzlover's birthday! Happy Birthday, Twinzlover!
hermione lesbian sex reba mcentire nude photos The first gay erotica I ever read involved two witches and a forest clearing. It was Harry Potter fanfiction. In a gay way. I soon discovered that slash, much of which is written by twelve-year-olds is some of the most well-meaning filth on the whole internet. In maths, this friend of mine slipped me a note with the website where I could get the good stuff. Five years later, I knew what sex was, in theory, but most of the details were still trapped in my surprisingly sordid imagination. The list of Harry Potter sex mash-ups was almost mathematically exhaustive.
hermione lesbian sex you porn sex site Warning: This story contains lesbian themes and sex, anyone uncomfortable with the content is advised no to read it. All the characters belong to J. K Rowling and the author takes no credit for them, this is a fictional story and any resemblance to creatures living or dead is a mere coincidence. The themes of this story are explicit. The Smutty Slumber Party Part 1.
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Mormons follow the law of Chastity; they believe that the intimate lesbian of lovemaking must be saved for after marriage. I am professor, and he is a surgeon in his first year as an attending.

Basically, these are long-distance relationship tricks. If you remain active, Church service is very demanding of our lives в not a Sunday thing. I bring him food I make sure he's happy. I would advise you to try to be as understanding as you can of her point of view, because having you world hermione shattered is very difficult life selector full can take a long time to recover from.