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How To Turn Your Sissy Into a Porn Star -

I would really like to see cuckold movies where the girl after a large gangbang is covered all over and the cuckold is made to lick every single drop. I would love to be your next full time cuck. Please email me with details of what arrangements I need to make. I am talented in many other areas but I am a pathetic cuckold at heart, ready to be humiliated. I am afraid of men and terrified of women. Become girls scare me and cause me to have panic and anxiety attacks. People can just tell by looking at me that I am an extremely indulgent sissy transvestite weakling.

My two main hobbies are collecting and listening to feminization files and buying, collecting, and wearing prom and quinceanera dresses. I love going out as an over-the-top ultra-femmy sissy and having manly, masculine, muscular men laugh at me. I love standing and being photographed next to huge muscular men because it makes me feel so exquisitely emasculated, tiny, effeminate and weak! I love being able to girly joke with gorgeous, sexy women and having their husbands or boyfriends treat me like I am just one of the girls.

I love telling all this to people. I love sucking on massive, red-hot, rock-rigid, throbbing penis' of large, strong, manly, masculine men and swallowing every bit of cum while gorgeous sexy girls watch and laugh at me and call me a pathetically hopeless faggot. I love being pegged gang bang style by multiple women with strap-ons while they repeatedly remind me that I will never be a man how anything close to male, that I am incapable of performing penetrative sex, and warning me that I had better start squealing a lot or they might just drop me off in a biker bar in just high heels and a pink ballet tutu with sissy written on my forehead with permanent marker.

They are all kind true except And its not like I am attracted to cock but its hard not to notice big ones Okay, sure, you are probably fairly manly but I'll have you know that some of us have all brigitte bako nude can do well, me certainly at least to keep from signing our paychecks over the owner of the nearest bride, formal and quinceanera dress shop and saying "please dress me as a femmy princess!

Yes 8 are correct But when a person start think about it There is no talk aBout anal Pls suggest me n joanne linville nude me Koravkapoor gmail. It's so true I just can't say it enough. It's become frustrating to not have indian and pakistani sexy movies Female to lead me down this path.

I wish I could post with my contact information instead of anonymously. So find me on fetlife under slutboicuck. I masturbate excessively but only after I am all fully transvested, because I'm afraid that if I am not fully sissy I may start thinking about girls when I masturbate then next how ya know I might start wanting pornstar have sex with girls pornstar that would be icky! Oh hell YES!

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I always notice every girl's makeup and pride myself in always ensuring that my makeup always looks the most ultra feminine and girlish. Also I never go outside so that I never get sun exposure. I never have reason to go outside because I hate all sports and never do anything that requires me to exert myself. So my skin always stays ultra feminine and if my makeup ever gets messed up I cry and cry and cry until some women or girls fix my makeup and tell me over and over how pretty and feminine I always look.

Lelu love nude of course I love big cocks! Men have big cocks and I have a micro-clitty and am not physically nor emotionally capable of penetrating a vagina nor performing sexually as a male so I am not at all male in any way now.

I love big cocks the most when men grab me by my long pretty hair and pull my face into their rock-rigid, red-hot, throbbing penis and fuk my mouth like that and let me swallow every drop of semen.

Sissy Porn Star, by Mistress Poison Ivy

Somtimes horny girls have tried to get big cocks that I want but when that happens I cry and cry and cry and pull some trick to keep them the hell away from large men with big cocks so that I get as much free mistress porn movies dik as I can! Duh, of course! My greatest joy in life has always been dressing and looking as girlishly feminine as possible!

And often it is the only thing I have to eat all day. And yes to all the rest! Stop it! You are making me all horny and craving semen. When I was in first grade my brother told me that semen was estrogenic so I swallow as much as I can and I love suckinf off entire football and soccer teams. I have always loved eating my own semen but I cannot produce any anymore Well, it's me back again.

Gee, what surprise huh?

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Obviously I have as much problem staying away from here as I have staying out of female attire, lol. I have a copy of a fabulous gif but Jillian janson dp cannot locate it and it is such a fully wetting whole body orgasm for me every time I have viewed it in the past. It is a gif of a very pretty and effeminate looking guy in about his early twenties, total body hairless except for a sissy cut of blond hair on his head; he is totally naked and pinned face-down onto a bed.

You need to pay your boss to dik-pummel your wife while you are at work and text you short vid clips of it! Great choice!

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They are a great investment in one's personal well-being. Almost everday I think about curvy older woman in tight latex with strap-on and me as her toy in pink dress.

Becoming a sissy pornstar

I'm definitely slutty virgin sissy. Am sissy jamy and do every single I e of things. Havrvs friend she brings sissy condoms of cum and feeds sissy. Cannot help it can't stop need to find BBC. Omg I'm so like losing this battle. I was Sissy long before i got turned onto sissy hypnos. I have my moments in any given day of becoming a total slut.

Pages Home The sissy factory Gallery Sissy ressources. Monday, January 18, 10 signs become you're a sissy. Hello princess! You spent quite some time on the net to search for sissy content, always exploring your fetish and going deeper each day. I'm sure that nobody, not even your friends or family knows about it.

It's your dirty secret sissy! Yet, there are always some signs that you're a sissy. You spend so much time watching sissy porn on the net. It has indeed had a profound effect on my psyche. This sissy is infinitely how that you have welcomed her into the House and given her perfect ass pics safe haven among like-minded people. It is now almost three months since my Wife and i have begun reading your site, and it has made a radical difference in Her approach to my feminization.

Thanks for the chat room You have provided for us sissies. The help from my sisters has been wonderful. You have an excellent site. It is the most professional adult site I have visited.

Having just managed to get up the courage to join your website, it is already clear that this sissy should have done so a long time ago, already you have made he. I just want to say i love this site. This sissy has been so much happier after sh. This little sissy has found a place to feel pretty, safe and secure.

Thank you for the accepting my sissy desires. Just in passing — your site is an absolute inspiration, a joy to giggle through. Truth is i was very scared and worried to face my sissy desires. This sissy must confess that the House has changed and enlightened he. It has helped me start down the road toward being the girl i know i was meant to be. This submissive sissy congratulates you on this fabulous website. This sissy has been so happy since finding The House of Sissify, it was a pleasure to be able to be able to give back a little after receiving so much.

This worthless little sissy-slut-wannabe is dropping You a note to let You know what a fine job i believe You are doing with Sissify. The House of Sissify is absolutely the best sissy site on the web. This sissy has learned so much since joining. Anjelica bj advice and support are wonderful.

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