Is sonic and the black knight a good game

Sonic loses his spark This game was very disappointing. It's very hard to control, but it's great for kids as it contains great positive messages. But it does have great consumerism and a lot of violence. Kid, 12 years old January 25, The controls require a nun-chuck so the controls are better than the previous game in the Story Book series.

This gets pretty challenging once topless asian models make a lot of progress in the story mode. You and your friends from 2 to 4 players can duel each other with the characters and arenas you unlock in the story mode. This mode is Battle Mode. This is a fun game but like the last game, it is very possible to rage quit.

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Teen, 13 years old Written by Mariosonicfan November 24, Good game. Sega's mascot enters Arthurian kingdom,somewhat great for learning because the "Collections" section has a few books about King Arthur. Instead, he will walk in reverse. But fret not, Sonic and The Black Knight offers a pretty decent story and gameplay worth playing. You're also given the ability to revisit any level you've beaten at any time you want. There are alot of levels.

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The are short and sweet; while others add a little more. There are boss battles which will require some timing or all black hack and slashing elements, but if one thing's for certain, Sonic and the black knight continues the traditional gameplay we've all come to expect from Sega- which narrows down to replay value and mastering levels for an even higher score than previously earned.

The core of it's gameplay relies on using Sonic's sword Excalibur big ass tease tube hack and slashing all whilst rushing to a goal. Everything is timed, but you don't have to rush to the goal.

However, making it to a goal faster rewards you with a better ranking. Overall, if you're looking for a Knight game sonic offers a unique experience for the Wii, with smooth control and great graphics, I highly recommend this as a purchase. The replay value, graphics, the control and it's unique "wii only" gameplay warrants this as a must get game. Top critical review. Its a slow paced game with no lag the Time aprox 3 to 5 Hours.

Button delay has vanish this time around I dont care for the story its more of a Saturday morning cartoon story is not as Advance and deep game Sonic Adventures 2 or Sonic the hedgehog witch is fine I loved the RPG style and direction the Sonic and the secret rings was going.

Sort by. Retrieved April 20, good Official Nintendo Magazine. Retrieved February 18, Sonic the Hedgehog. List of games List of features. X-treme And. Sonic Team.

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Nights into Dreams Nights: Journey of Dreams. Phantasy Star Online Online: C. Revolution Phantasy Star Universe.

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Project Sakura Wars. Often there's a new objective - kill enemies, give rings to youpkrn a fiddly QTE distractionor avoid taking any damage - but you can't escape a lingering sense that the developers are struggling to give you something to do in their pretty, but constricted, playground.

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Mario 64 could get away with this kind of structure, with clever goals and worlds created as open sandboxes, but Black Knight is no Mario 64, and its levels tend to be extremely narrow corridors which, once beaten, have little else to offer. Handling and combat are both weak, too. Despite a variety of evolving attacks, including a decent lock-on rush and a nice focus on chaining, fighting remains a simple preeti and priya pictures of endlessly jiggling the Wii remote.

Elsewhere, with the game taking all the corners for you, movement never really rises above the taxing business of pushing forward on the nunchuk. Occasionally you'll have to hop from side to side across the three feet that make up your usable play area, only to find that doing so feels weirdly sluggish, as if Sonic is tethered to an invisible fridge, or battling Scoliosis.

Sonic and the Black Knight Wii.

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Publisher: Sega Release Date: Mar 3, User Score. Your Score. Rate this:. Log in to finish rating Sonic and the Black Knight. Sonic and the Black Knight. Share this? Summary: Sonic and the Black Knight is a Wii-exclusive adventure. Part of the storybook series of games that began with Sonic and the Secret Rings, this title brings Sonic into the world of Arthurian legend and offers the world's most famous blue hedgehog the chance to become a knight. Using the Sonic and the Black Knight is a Wii-exclusive adventure.

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Using the unique Wii control system, this game takes advantage of both the Wii Remote and the Nunchuk to offer an interactive experience that Sonic fans will love. Answered Should I buy this game? Ask A Question. Keep me logged in on this device. Forgot your username or password? How do I get the last good title item? Unlike the previous game you pic mia khalifa to kill different kinds of enemies or just facing each other in a battle this time, but the awkward controls ruins the gameplay.

It doesn't help the fact that you can play and finish all the multiplayer modes in less than 10 minutes, making it completely short and boring. Redeeming Qualities The music as usual in a Modern Sonic game is awesome. Good graphics for Wii standards. Great voice acting.


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