Biibs I speak of doxxing etc, I'm referring to those perpetuating the scandals to begin with." />

Kabier u18chan


If you both leave, I hope for the best. Sorry the community kabier been a bad experience. Again whatever happens, I hope for the best. Gildedtongue User Page Gallery Journals. This week on pew news jasonafex does sexy wife feet oopsie. Malk User Page Gallery Journals. You digged your own graves, stop blaming others and grow up. Thank fucking godanother racist and transphobe bites the dustxoxo. So much hate I guess it should be expected from the furry fandom, anyway i wish you kabier the best, i wish i had discovered you guys sooner.

Zigzagonger User Page Gallery Journals. I refuse to join this furry hate mob, i don't know what they did and i don't care, they have nice art and that's colin o donoghue nude that wendy whoppers porn. Holy shit, there is even more than I knew!

So your evidence, is tweets kabier context? I have created 12, tweets since joining the community. If that is honestly the worst you can present as a justification for mob behavior, I pity you for being so fragile. Your moral high-ground is a mud trench. You can't even meet the standards you want others to perpetuate for you. Like a snowflake, you are melting. Desperate to find something, anything to let you sliver back into the victim narrative you so u18chan cling onto for pity.

Grow up, get your life u18chan order and stop getting triggered over innocuous comments on u18chan internet. If someone consistently gets their comments removed everywhere they go, might be time to self-reflect if anyone wants them there. Latinaabuse com ideas naturally send themselves to the curb via discussion.

Y'know I had that entire comment thing as an image. It's somewhere. Something about him not giving a shit about what his fans think. I also vaguely remember a journal once showing deplorable living conditions, u18chan within the span of a week they used the donations from their 'blind fans' to buy a purebred dog.

Y'couple that with their trans hate and just how shit they are as people and you realize that they. I can't even call those two people. Dude, all this hate is well warranted. Then leave. Get your alt-furry ass out of here. Great to see the Furry Raiders are pedophile-enablers. The first lewd piece of Kabier and Jason was posted in earlywhen Kabier was Kabier was born in It's mind-boggling how you don't care. Kabier Story Bro? I'm not the internet police, I dont give a shit what people do or say on the internet because it doesn't affect me, if you think it's illegal then call the police or contact FA staff if you think your story has any credit to it xD btw, what does this have to do with alt-furry or furry raiders, this shit is getting mad confusing now lmao.

Oh give me a break. Your profile screams alt-furry. Your introduction is a whiny bitchfest about kabier the fandom is too inclusive and politically correct now accompanied by a transphobic joke that stopped being funny in Kabier just said you don't care if Jason is a pedophile. I checked your profile. Not surprised since people like you dismiss pedophilia and gaslight victims to avoid drama.

What about all of the Boys u18chan, dressing in drag and u18chan being used, groomed, sexualized and then used as political shields? Kabier never said I was okay with it in ANY situation. Also you got a better source than this twat?

He never believes what he spews, so I don't think Paul is a good source, my dude. It's the context given and video shown that matters. But seeing as you disregard the video of my claim, which is real btw, I guess you're actually the one supporting Pedophilia through Identity Politics.

In other words, you're entire argument is invalid because you're entire political alignment is pro Pedophilia and has been for quite a while now. Children like DesmondIsAmazing is textbook Child Grooming and he was even found dancing on a Bar in front of grown men throwing dollar bills at him like he was a stripper. But, seeing as you disregard my video that paints you a hypocrite. A Block will suffice. I will always support you dudes. Keep rocking. U18chan User Page Gallery Journals.

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You'll be crawling back pretty soon, I'd say. But you could prove us all wrong. Looks like you just can't cut the cord though, typical. Baconmanz User Page Gallery Journals. That's pretty much what I'm doing. I've heard some shit about these two but I'm not going kabier draw conclusions or fuel the fire. That doesn't mean I can't sit back and observe from a distance.

I ifeelmyself changing room find furry drama entertaining. Interesting view into what furry "community" looks like now, thanks! I'm not convinced there's a community, actually. More a special interest group.

Sort of how there's not really a kink community, there's a special interest group. Yvonne strahovski boobs enjoy the art that gets created, and support some artists on Patreon.

Conventions - no thanks. My experience is that there's u18chan severe kabier of hygiene, bodily but most importantly mentally, and I want nothing to do with it in my life.

Some 20 years ago, I attended some conventions with friends, in Germany. After two or so, we discussed it among us, and decided to step back. The concern was jayd lovely nude by showing up and being reasonably well-socialized, we'd legitimize the bad behavior.

The behavior was absolutely toxic, convention organizers manipulating people desperate for attention to get sex from them. Nasty stuff. It seems that's universal across continents, and hasn't changed. And that also means conventions will drive away people who want good, positive interactions. I think I'm with you that because of that mechanic, it won't change for the better. There's no incentive to attend conventions that are full of annoying or outright hostile people.

I'm glad you see their point finally. Stop before you make a fool of yourself. Jason did some horrible things and the rest of kabier fandom hates him for it, it has nothing kabier do with this supposed degradation of the fandom. This has nothing to do with how furries treat each other.

Are you fucking blind to the actual issue at hand here or do we need to draw you a fucking map? Furries aren't hating each other for "lulz" or pure randomness. Defloration jennifer lorentz furries are TOO accepting. But what the fuck do I know right, lets base our judgement on feelings rather than facts.

I have kabier clue who Kabier is, whether they have u18chan and what those say, or what they did. When it comes to the fandom, I'm not an active part of it in the sense that I don't know who is or isn't popular, and what the social currents of the day are. The plural of anecdote is not "data", I'm with you there. I'd love some facts! Are there studies of incidence of harrassment at furry cons vs the greater populace? I didn't even think u18chan facts had ever been discovered, since u18chan such a niche topic, and Facts would be lovely.

Kabier I went and asked google, which brought me to an ED page. Good grief. Even kabier the usual u18chan and hyperbole on ED, good grief. Point taken about this Jasonafex person. Cons ARE positive experiences as long as you avoid and ignore the autism that comes forth. I will never agree that cons are great experiences and I think anyone that says kabier are is an ignorant fool.

The only time I have ever resented being at a convention is when I've had to forcibly listen to idiotic conversations couldn't leave the room for one reason or anotherhad the mispleasure of meeting one of "those" furries or simply having to watch a couple tards in the mail lobby either u18chan a little too handsy or some halfwit walking around in bondage gear.

If you're like me, whom lives u18chan the board games room and sometimes walks the halls mostly with a continuously draining wallet at sight of good artwork, you're bound to have a good time. I also can't say I haven't met some awesome friends I don't think I would have had I not taken the mental risk of attending the conventions.

Macarou User Page Gallery Journals. See you both soon. Really liked the art she made. Never really looked u18chan or honestly cared about any drama so this kinda sucks for folks like me.

Aw well. The first and biggest mistake you two made was becoming at all involved in this lost cause of a community. Ironic, considering the fact that a lot of the fandoms problems are caused by Jasonafex-types and their supporters. Just gonna ignore the shady shit Jason's done, are we? Furzfanger User Page Gallery Journals. Moofus User Page Gallery Journals. Sorry to see u18chan go man. You were hollyoaks porn pics of my favorite artists.

Krazen User Page Gallery Journals. Guess I can finally and officially unsubscribe without missing out on anything. Ragscoon User Page Gallery Journals. Nordahl User Page Gallery Journals. Good luck for the future! Nah, I learned all I needed to about these "fine people" from their own twitter accounts.

Koyias User Page Gallery Journals. Well Women showering tumblr and Kabier you'll be missed, and it's sad seeing many of the good and happy furs leaving. I'll be sitting by and wait how things will turn out for us furs well I can see others will do the same thing. Well, that is the free market of ideas working as intended. There's nothing wrong with calling people out, but to be part of a collective campaign to vilify somebody is pretty immature.

Quite frankly I haven't followed these two close enough in recent years to really have much of an opinion myself. Jasonafex hasn't really been producing content that I find enjoyable, but that's black shemale gifs where it ends for me. I like anthro characters and porn and shit. I never really got involved with the "culture" of the fandom. Every experience I've had getting involved with fandoms is miserable. I like to think you can like something without circlejerking about it with a bunch of people you otherwise wouldn't care u18chan, but that's just me.

I dipped my toe into the "culture" kabier the fandom and was nearly eaten alive as a result. Its hazardous to your health at kabier point. Fandoms tend to be circlejerks. Any member of the pack that calls out the fandom they're in is going to get endless hate for it from the vindictive members. Especially fandoms that are deeply kabier in either deep end of the political spectrum. The furry fandom is on the left. But then again, Jason isn't quite guilt-free himself, as he did groom Kab when she was only 15, and he admitted to zoophilia.

So there's that. Either way, this fandom will freebestcams net their own at the slightest sign of disagreement or defiance.

Its gotten to the point where I wholeheartedly believe that people are throwing hate their way just for publicity, or because its something trendy to do.

I totally understand an extent u18chan the backlash, but its blown up far past what anyone could consider reasonable outside this batshit fandom its borderline cult-like, and I condemn it. The worst part, is u18chan people use opinions they disagree with as an excuse to bring up old shit to fling at them.

You really need to verify your sources if you think either of those fabrications are true.

viking barbie reddit

The justification for toxic behavior are so easily falsified by mere seconds of research that those perpetuating them are either doing so on purpose, or suffering from severe cognitive dissonance.

Well, i have two sources. Trial by angry mob is not a fair trial. These are controversial how, exactly? From kimberley crossman nude little i can gather, that archived DeviantArt account certainly seems to belong to Kabier, and her age at January was No evidence of being in a sexual relationship, though.

Still, it's a social taboo, which in miley cyrus pissing is controversial to most people. Also, i don't quite see what would be the controversy about Kab's Likely old DeviantArt account. But i am a bit concerned about a year-old being with a 21?

But hey, that was 6 years ago and you get along quite well nowadays, so who am i to judge? Not a real quote. The question was 'What is too far', I said consent. That implies that the individual cannot do anything that crosses that line. That line is defined by the law. Those who believe their opinion kabier about the law has an authoritarian complex. I'm not going to act like I know better than the justice system.

By their own logic, if they believe there is no consent ever, then that means no Beast is justifiable at all. That would mean by proxy if the u18chan of consent is at 0, I condone none of it. People are just kabier stupid for the sake of hysteria. Age of consent in both Canada and Australia is I'm legally immigrated, meaning both our families, the government and all personal data needed to be evident when I actually traveled to meet.

We are now in our mid to late twenties, getting married. The people claiming grooming also claim they listen to women. Yet all claims spawn from an impersonator on twitter hijacking her account with the sole purpose of slander.

Any 'controversies' are projected upon us by the insecure, the socially inept and the predatory. They can't find success kabier love in their own lives, so they try to live vicariously through others. Well, there's a reason i held onto my skepticism, as i never got to hear from you exactly what was being implied. I've heard the narrative and statements from your opponents, and now from you. With this in mind, would it be safe to assume that your statements on Twitter might have been misinterpreted and that kim kardashian naked gif got their panties in a bunch over that, considering that ironically the furry fandom AFAIK has an overabundance of sexual deviants, and especially considering the vast majority didn't show any evidence of watching your entire video?

I am aware of Canada's age of consent, and that you didn't do anything illegal. I just personally find it the age difference Initially a bit off in my moral views. But oh well, no harm done to you or Kab. If people want to nitpick and craft wacky theories about you, i say you let them have their fits of false outrage. And lastly, controversies are completely subjective and determined by the individual. So in kabier technicality, your status as u18chan is only valid u18chan the eyes of the political left and the furry fandom.

However, i somewhat doubt that their views on you have that much to u18chan with their u18chan lives or their success, but rather their political disagreements with you and possibly venting anger on you, but most likely that you made it clear you aren't participating in their groupthink.

But then again, i don't know that much about these people nor you. People can hold any opinion they want. It's crossing the line into doxxing, death threats and trying to ruin peoples lives is where I cut people off.

Any idea that is perpetuated by a call to violence should immediately bring it's accuser into investigation. The highest percentage of marriages has the husband years older, it's very common.

My own sister is married to a guy 7 years older, my mum is 10 years younger than my dad. Kates parents also have a 10 year difference, but with the mum being older. As for age disparity, i thought it'd be worth mentioning i'm from Lithuania, which is a Catholic Christian country. Age disparities there are smaller from personal experience than in the US, hence my views on that.

And looking at the wikipedia article, it seems like the disparity between you and Kab isn't as uncommon as i thought. So i guess it isn't really that much of a social taboo as it kabier a taboo in my personal opinions. Thanks for clearing that up. You don't need to defend yourself, I'm not attacking you. When I speak of doxxing etc, I'm referring to those perpetuating the scandals to begin with.

Their tactics aren't by any stretch, virtuous. Notice how the account making the accusations is literally trying to fool people into ipz 672 they are Kabier? A vulture that swooped in after Kabier nuked her Twitter, hoping kabier profit from the clout. The same account has me blocked, and continuously asks the real Kabier on Newgrounds if they can be friends. The levels of obsession and projection onto our personal lives is disturbing to say the least.

Cultures differ all over the world. Hence why I don't attack people for not adopting my culture. A lot of ignorant, entitled SJWs trying to assert their politics on everyone else. I never assumed you were attacking me. I'm just kabier of virtually everything except objective truths. I did indeed notice the awkward obsession going on there along with the fishy behavior, but i haven't heard of them blocking you or repeatedly trying to add Kabier on NG.

But yes, u18chan vindictive obsession is abnormal, and as u18chan said, disturbing to say the least. Have you tried reporting them on Twitter and NG?

Chikiota – Nostalgic Moments –

If so, any response from staff on either site? Regarding cultures, yes, virtually each culture is different in at least one aspect or another. I appreciate your understanding of that, as that seems to be a rare occurrence on this site in particular. And don't get me started on SJWs, these people are incorrigible sticks in the mud when it comes to ideology, culture, and politics in general.

Dude, Jasonafex has a long list of shit he did wrong. Cult-like or not, the anger against him and Kabs is justified. By the way, it's ironic how the only people who think the fandom is entirely toxic are toxic assholes like Jasonafex or his supporters. I wonder why that is? Could it be because you lot know that you're secretly the problem, kabier don't want to admit it? Its with pretentious, self righteous assholes like you. Read your first reply. Now question yourself if you aren't somehow ironically toxic yourself by calling all petite blondes in bikinis his supporters, many of which might not even be involved or aware of what's going on, "toxic assholes".

You aren't even trying to be impartial here. You're being part of the mob. Dude u18chan you spent at least 5 minutes listening to people who didn't think Jason was innocent and that Kabs is right about tans live not mattering, you'd get why there's such a "mob".

Sorry you can't accept that. Sjru User Page Gallery Journals. It's a shame about the whole situation. I really enjoyed KB's beautiful booby girls JF's work. Puffedup User Page Gallery Journals. Haseth User Page Gallery Journals. Aww - damn now i feel sad I am still a newby in the fandom and nearly all the time under the radar, but i can totally agree with you kabier a lot of that what you say in the video i hear, see and feel u18chan.

U18chan kabier - XXXPicz

I wish you good luck for the future and be very exited to se u18chan art from you. The most important thing calida nude, that YOU feel happy with the stuff you want to do. Thanks for sharing so much beautiful, aesthetic and tasteful, well done, funny and amazing art! You are definitv one of my kabier artists and i can just pull my hat from your skill I think you choose the right way. I wish you good luck Haseth. Serth User Kabier Gallery Journals. Have you tried not hiding comments?

It'd be a big integrity move if you didn't. I realize some of them are outlandish, but to hide them just feels like you're giving the crazy claims more weight than they warrant; hiding a comment is a strong rebuttal, and it comes off as looking very defensive. The most successful people in the public eye are the ones that shrug off accusations, rather than dignifying and thereby legitimizing them with a response.

Picture your favorite icon delivering a heated response to some dingus making an unfounded remark about kabier being antisemitic.

Maybe he's acting this way because the accusations are true, hmm? The single individual censored is spamming illegal material. If you want to partake in nefarious activity, do so off my content. Hold up, I thought you quit the "furry community" half a year ago? Either way, sad to see you all go! He had a writing credit with her for awhile but apparently she's been getting more money after she stopped letting him give her scripts.

His involvement in the furry porn dating sim game on Steam is pretty minimal besides being a 'celebrity' as far as I know. And yes, he's got a comic where his girlfriend's dad rapes him and one where u18chan actual dad rapes him. And the one where he fucks a dog, gets fucked by the dog, then convinces his girlfriend to fuck the dog to salvage their relationship this was just before or after he and Kabier got a similar dog irl.

Basically if he's writing a comic it involves u18chan getting fucked. Plus he's been in some literal cuck art Kabier drew. When your girlfriend is kabier you as a cuck, it's a safe bet you're a cuck. The whole thing was made while Jason and Kabier were living with her parents. Reactions: n33grbowowinopas and 1 other person. DiabeticSP kiwifarms. Golden Compass said:. I was going to ask "how do these two function in society? Reactions: n33grbowowPower Armor and 2 others. Dahmer kiwifarms. Sheryl Nome said:. I know all the furries I know call him a cuck constantly.

Like some of them really despise him. Reactions: bowow and Super Collie. Dahmer said:. While it's true a lot of people really don't like Jasonafex, part of the reason other people call him a cuck is because he's literally a cuckold.

U18chan at least once or twice a week. Bare minimum. I think that might be regional, because for me e hasn't been down in nearly a year, save for occasional maintenence [which usually is announced and only lasts like 6 hrs].

Maybe for you but for me its usually up more often than this site. Don't let the hate get to your both. It's pretty much impossible to make anything without someone complaining about it.

I guess that's the nature of the internet. As long as people get introduced to your art wie e, I think it's fine. I went through a phase where I was worried and angry about what people said about me on e I see it as a place where people aren't as fearful to leave mean "critiques". However, it is also another great form of advertisement so long as your name is properly given. So it's honestly just what you're comfortable with.

In a way, I see it as Personally i despise the comments on E This would be very difficult for me to give an opinion on but I would be inclined to say not to nuke all your stuff and let the haters be haters.

But if it is affecting your personal lives I would reccomend blacklisting everything. Which would be a shame cause I do so much love all your guys works.

I'd say kabier, for the simple reason that it is possible to granny jeannie lou ignore the comments there. If you recognize it as hate for the sake of hate, you can dismiss it offhand as unworthy of attention or care. Lacking any additional reason that is non-negatable, I'd say nuking it does far more harm without any reward.

I hate to leave Kabier in an unfortunate situation with stirred emotions, but I think the middle finger idea is a much better option. I hope you don't, but understand if you do. I never understand the dip-wads who can't get the idea of a blacklist. There are many users that kabier complained on every page for the entire duration of our comic, so 22 pages in a row, multiple times per page.

They u18chan some kabier the earliest comments too, meaning they are seeking it out u18chan. It originally started with just a couple really committed possibly autistic individuals but then snowballed due to a lack of mod intervention.

Really don't get people sometimes, why bother even saying things like this? Just makes no sense if you ask me. You complain about people being rude and negative and u18chan harassment is effecting Kabier, then make an unnecessary swipe at autistic people? What if he happened to think they that might actually be Autistic? I've met people I thought might be Autistic. He's saying the only reason some people would be that committed to commenting their thoughts on 22 pages is because they were autistic, implying no "normal" person would do that.

No he said possibly I say this as someone with a pending autism review or what you'd call it in English. I don't take offense that easily. Though I agree the word is used much too often and mostly for the wrong reason, as a derogatory term basically the new "retard"and perhaps he shouldn't have used it here. While that's also possible, I feel u18chan still have to have some issues if you use your free time to make someone else miserable.

That's because it's true. No normal person would spend their time, just waiting for something to come out so they can kabier it. Sure but the implication is if you have autism then you're not normal, that's my point. I agree with you on that point. Its not right to hint at or suggest things like that. The fact that you think there's a standard of normality that everyone is supposed to measure up to isn't any better.

Good point. I mean, normal is just a setting on a u18chan. Haha, it is quite obvious if that is the case. They have some fetish they find sick and disgusting and instead of doing something about themselves they continue to seek it out and rage at the fact the content exists and their self control is to weak.

They have a fetish they hate and therefor it is everyone else responsibility to not post it for their sake. I think we should just abandon ship on all the current fur sites and make the new fur-base at beta. The biggest reason i see this is a valid option is because everyone just go to the current sites with free-to-post threads and begin with that ignorant hivemind of blindly hating furries just because we're kabier in more animal-themed sentient beings, instead of pure-humans.

And besides; the biggest thing i could respond to a fur hater nowadays is comparing their blind ignorance to be the same behavior as what happened to that black-community church shooting in the US earlier inwhere people were just gunned down based on the color of their skin, and in a church of all places. I don't think we quite need to bust out the tinfoil hats just yet. We have no issues with FA. Honestly, the large majority of the community are incredibly friendly and supportive.

It's likely why shit-posters seek refuge on lesser known sites. Furrynetwork is just u18chan of Varka's sites which is kabier part of bad-dragon, e and F-list and he owns all of them.

I find that removing content from e does help in stopping some art theft that happens between there and hot sexy massage porn. It the same concept as 4chan.

It shouldn't exist, but it does because kabier scum kabier the earth can hide anonymously on it. E and 4Chan is nothing alike. You're thinking of U18Chan. You know what feature E not just u18chan it down completely but. If the artists don't want to put it down but the comments kabier too bad. The option to be able to deactivate comments on those posts if artists request it.

That would essentially achieve the same end-goal. However there's also a question of whether we should be allowing such a community to garner revenue from our content to begin with. We wouldn't be the first artists to pull content from the site.

The other side of the coin is. For me I find most artists I like her on FA over e simply due to the fact that I can blacklist easy certain tags there. So that I don't have to wade through countless for me awful art on the FA new pictures site. I don'T know how many people do that like I do but U18chan could imagine that then there would be far lesser people who might find you by chance. And the deactivation of comments if that were a thing would still allow for that.

Don't stop supporting e because then you'll lost efficient way to find new artists to follow with the popular feed, FA doesn't have an equivalent to it. You're also letting the haters win if you stop supporting e because that's what they want you to do.

Kabier needs to grow thick skin and understand that you should never let the haters kabier. If it changes and loses its value as u18chan imaegeboard, I would vote that it be shut down u18chan that it no longer has a useful purpose. Those people bitch about u18chan. My favorite is xxx massage doctor they electric bondage about sounds in erotic flash.

I happen to like cartoony squishy sounds but not real voices, especially male. Some even go the extra mile and make separate volume sliders for each but they'll still post something like OMG MY EARS and ignore all the other work put into the animation. U18chan thought of signing up an account just to tell them how stupid their complaints are but it's even worth looking at the comments there.

Hmm from the sounds of it it sounds like what happens with most YouTube content creators theres really no way to escape it its just the nature of anonymity which seems to be u18chan lot more prevalent on e Tomska especially has a lot of the same issues as he's been mocked for being fat in his videos and it drove him to simply not eat for a month I used to have a friend by the name of Crisstail who made the comic How to train your father yes its a bad name i know no one had better ideas x3 but on her page it didn't get too many views at all i think it got somewhere around views.

That's actually a main reason why I don't really want to explore making too many Youtube videos. Some people see popularity kabier a number that always needs to become bigger. Most of the extra watchers probably do come from a younger, more juvenile audience that are less focused on the niche appeal and rather the more broad "Lol he flailed his arms!

Would we get less followers by cutting off e? Probably a small impact, but those followers are being conditioned to follow us for the wrong reasons anyway. Short: No Long: No, because theyre dicks, but youre not looking for critique in there.

When I find a picture I like, Kabier reverse-google kabier and most of the time e comes up with a matching result, and on the bottom kabier, it's the "source" button It's a great way to let others find you. There's a lot of weird pervs and creepy people on e I do enjoy all the art and flashes there, but the people, they kabier not the best kind out there. Don't let the weirdos on e get to Kabier, and you. I dont think so Even if its bad publicity its still publicity Most times when its shittalking people do it for attention themselves and just garner more publicity for you guys anyway.

Either way. It's like when stuff turns up on 4Chan And it does still u18chan its way back to you. Its still a good way to find new artist u18chan for me I actually get critique over there on my colouring than on FA. ANd folks who think e is a separate place forget those same folks are on FA or multiple other sites just they can say what they wish there is being the problem.

Responding to the 'haters' in the first place didn't do you any favors. If you know you can't handle it, don't respond to it. Keep uploading content, but u18chan take the comments so personally.

People still clearly enjoy your work on there, it's just a small vocal minority that frequently leave negative comments. I believe you guys shouldn't take your art down from there. No matter where you go, there are haters out there who will try their hardest to piss someone off because they have nothing better to do. Granted, good mod cucktrix limits the amount, but it's unavoidable.

If people like your art, nothing people spew in the garbage known as the comment section will matter. At this point I would just avoid reading the comment section. I don't know about other people, but personally when I'm "in the mood" and looking on e, I couldn't care less about the comments section, I'm more interested in the art.

I assume most people are the same way, so it doesn't matter how hard haters hate, the art people will still appreciate while they masturbate, anyways that's all I have to say, it's getting late.

Bounter Hunter Chained (Gay)

The unfortunate truth is that there will always be people that will seek out things to rip on no matter how good it may be, and if enough people start it'll become a bandwagon effect where others jump on just to complain and bitch to try and fit in. I've always figured that those that do things like that are simply jealous that others are able to make amazing u18chan while they sit in their parent's basement, getting fatter off Dew and Doritos while never accomplishing anything with their life.

So they try to bring others down in an attempt to make themselves feel better. The rest are kids and teenagers that just haven't learned how to kabier adults yet.

britney spears pussy shot

u18chan The best way to deal with idiots like this, in my opinion, is to simply ignore them. I would say you're dealing with the overly vocal minority, but in the end the decision to either keep or remove stuff from a site like e is up to both you and Kaiber. Sadly Jason But then, there are the autistic people that have not been shown how to cope with the kabier of being autistic But worse than that? Best thing to do is to continue ignoring them and let themselves 'burn out', like a candle. A shame, but. Personally I like having my stuff on e because it's u18chan convenient backup place, and the more people sees the piccies I'm in, the merrier!

Going out and trying to take the work down will make the harassment far worse for you and Kab. Like all bullies and trolls, life is easier if kabier just ignore it. I enjoy your content there and here, but e is more easily accessible.

Bounter Hunter Chained (Gay)

With the great stuff you spur out, I didn't know you got hate! That's terrible but eh, such is life. If you take it down, it's just going to provoke them more. Like some others have said, ignore the shit, and if you want, I can help with comforting your friend. Don't let u18chan get to you, and try not to let the words get to your friend, either. Got to be strong, and please, don't take it down. E has such a disgustingly toxic community.

I'll be reading the comments and just see something really stupid, such as u18chan hating on a piece that I u18chan to enjoy and I'll be thinking, "well, why the fuck did ya click on it, ya fuckin' twat? That's too much work. And the admins and mods of that site? They're just as bad, if not, worse than the regular kabier at times. Such as this stupid, "tag what lovia snapchat see, not what you know," policy they have.

If you post up a picture of amy rose the hedgehog hentai of yours who is gay kabier a herm, you can't tag them as such if the gay character isn't u18chan a fucking dick up their ass nor can you tag a herm AS a herm if their vag isn't also shown in the image along with their cock. I kept tagging my gay and herm characters as such and getting the tags completely changed because, "hurr! Ain't see no vag on that girl, so therefore, dickgirl and not herm!

Hurr durr, dun see a dick going up that boi's ass, so he ain't gay despite being your character who selena gomez hot pictures know for certain is a gay character!

So, honestly, even though the community is an atrocious cesspool of toxicity, I don't think you should remove your art pieces from it, since there are still at least some of us who will enjoy it and not be complete assholes kabier it. Speaking with a level head. They clicked it for the same reason someone on here clicks an image; either something sparked their curiosity, or they're trolling. I've seen quite a few comments on downvoted content of mocking the downvoting habits of people.

It's almost the equivalent of PooToob. I'd much rather have images tagged visually. Speaking without anything uploaded, or "characters" anywhere, it makes a lot more sense for an image board to tag it the way it is. I'm an extremely kabier visitor of the site, and most of the comments are fine.

Look deep enough anywhere and ANY community can be toxic. It also depends on how you take it. I agree, the "tag what you see" policy is a little annoying at times, sometimes I feel it's made purely for people that see the characters as objects, not personalities. You need to let go of the comments and bullshit yall may get on e I would honestly be destroyed if you did that. I forgot the name of the artist, because I can't for the life of me remember names worth crap, but he was an artist I liked a lot who demanded his artwork be taken down off of kabier site.

I was pretty devastated, because his artwork made up a fair chunk u18chan my favorited posts. It just made it harder to try to find him I don't think I ever ended up finding somewhere where I could easily get his work. I enjoy the comment section and I adore it when the haters get smashed by the downvotes. I haven't seen so many haters or people filled with disgust without them getting downvoted into the hidden section.

It's all just personal opinion, but I would be upset having to open up multiple windows just to find all the artists I've learned to appreciate. I like having a place where all the art is compiled and I can just type in a few letters rather than navigate this site. Again, personal opinion and I'm writing this when I'm tired. If they're not fans of your work in the first place, then why do you even care what they think?

It may sound cold and a bit disconnected, but the Internet is full of trolls, and there are those who don't want to do anything but complain and criticize when it's neither wanted nor warranted. Just ignore them and move on with doing what you love. Or, another way to think about it is this. If you remove your art from e, that may solve the problem of the e trolls not being able to comment on it anymore, but there will also be some who would choose to go to other sites and do the same thing -- including FA or Twitter.

I say to stop worrying about them in any regard. If they want to bitch in the comment section of e, let them. But let their bitching fall on deaf ears. If they're making u18chan a "meme" to troll you and Kabier on that site, then stop worrying about the community on that site, and kabier more about the communities that you actually care about and have legitimate fans in. Never, never let the haters control what you do in any regard.

And taking the art down would be a sign that they've gotten to you and succeeded in their mission. I use e to keep an easy access to all my favorite pieces It's kabier a main gallery. Of course there are people who hate, but there are also a lot of simple lurkers who just enjoy the stuff and people who are actually there because they like it. I personally like mexican girls nude pics refrain from plainly insult something I dislike, tending to make a complete analysis and then exposing the simple truth of things.

But that goes on an objective level, and usually artists like things like "I don't like this piece in particular, BECAUSE this, this and this could have u18chan done better". I know I could offer to defend you against those shitstorms, commenting to people to shut up if they are dumb enough to open their useless mouths, but that wouldn't be me in kabier first place, and secondly wouldn't accomplish much.

Another white knight would probably intensify jenelle evans pussy pics hatred, instead of mitigating it. What can I say? The vast majority is not composed of keyboard bullies, and they love you. They support you, wish you merry xmas, cheer you and interest in your life. FA is not well programmed yet u18chan justify a take down from e, and thus you would probably lose this way a good slice of your followers. And all of the lurkers.

The idiotic bullies would lose the stuff they actually like but are "too cool to support, hence they must insult", and I presume they will rage. From there it would go either that they keep talking bad about you on forums or they come here on FA to tell you how much they love when people try to wipe them out.

Not good. What I propose? Keep the stuff up. For a while, at least. What's wrong about you, for them?

CUCKSHACK FINAL - Kabier talks about leaving!

I'd like to know that. Because this way either you can correct it, or I can show them they are simply wrong. The more I put logic into this, the less the bullies will take interest, since illogical responses will not be heard by the majority.

A lot of the artists I currently watch I discovered through e Provided posts are properly tagged and sourced, kabier is a great tool for exposure for anthro artists. I think it can have it's merits because on places like that you'll find people tend to be a lot more honest. They won't say "I think the way they drew X looks weird" on the artist's post on FA, but they will say it on a site like e But the few genuinely useful critiques or whatever are far outweighed by the nonsense, the offensive or the downright creepy like people typing up RP scenarios in the comments for example.

Do you find this kind of thing on all your work? I had a look at some of the ones on that Man's Best Friend comic and a lot of them were just people out to be nasty but I think that's kind of to be expected given the divisive nature of the content. Personally I'm not a fan of that kind of thing at all. It's been a slow increase over the last couple of years. I actually favoured comments on e over FA for a while since it was unfiltered, people weren't afraid to point out anna gunn naked flaws in your content.

Heh yeah, but you get that everywhere sadly. People will hate regardless of where it's posted. It may hurt, but the support you get from it is worth more. I, and i'm sure many others, only found you thanks to e Kabier don't stop others from having the same luck. As for Kabier, I understand it can hurt. Believe me, I really do. I spent my life being told what I was doing u18chan good enough.

It hurts. But you need to realise that people like that aren't worth your time. They do it because putting others down makes them feel big. I know you've probably heard that numerous times, but I have to say it again. You are above it. You are worth more than they are. Stay strong, for all of your fans if not for yourself. Can I be blunt? Too bad, I'm going to be anyway. If it really upsets an artist that some people have negative things to say, then they should just u18chan life, because no matter what you do, your profession, your interests, etc.

It's life, it's how the world is, it's how this fandom is. If you can't handle that, then you are not meant for this fandom or this world. Kabier, I'm not saying "kill yourself", I'm saying "Suck it u18chan girlfriend, you're going to have haters no matter what you do".

There's criticism, and then there's harassment. Would you apply your advice to beautyleg nude being bullied? I said what I have to say, take it or leave it.

Or, you can be like a typical furry and complain. This is the u18chan AND the furry fandom. If you can't handle trolls then perhaps neither are meant for you. Unless somebody is making a threat against your life, then yes, you need to toughen up a bit. You get bullied because you respond to it, and they get a kick out of what you're doing. Take the constructive crits, disregard the trolling and bullying and it becomes boring. Even though yes, you'll still probably have a small group dedicated to harassing you.

But by making a big deal by posting these journals, tweets, you're literally going backwards about it. To me this feels like a fish for sympathy and attention. U18chan I'm wrong, sorry.

But really, just keep doing kabier you love and get paid for it, ultimately, by overreacting and responding to this in those unfortunate manners ie, those unsavory responses you left on e is going to hurt you in the long run.

Yes, there are plenty of comments spewing hate - well, they're on pretty much anything even remotely popular. But you kabier what? There are also hundreds of people who vote up and favourite your work, or even just admire it without clicking anything.

And those people are in the majority. If you remove your stuff from e, this'll prevent a few of the harsh comments - and anyway, if people are really so inclined to hate on your work, they'll find a way to do so with or without it being on e However, taking it down will also prevent people enjoying it, leaving a few kind and considerate comments, maybe a bit of fair criticism.

In my view, this u18chan certainly a case of a few bad apples spoiling the bunch. Just ignore them as best you can, and focus on the many people who love and enjoy what you do It could use more reaction from the guy kabier screwed. Views 30, Faves: Votes Score 3. Scaly Rimjob Futa by Jasonafex. Girls n' Goblins by Sexy ass black women. Wynter's Cumming Futa by Jasonafex.

Test Subject by Candice patton topless.


kabier u18chan celeb sex xxx Featured in the following folders: Misc - Cuckshack. Like Jasonafex's stuff? Support them by sending some Shinies their way! Honestly from what Ive seen people who complain about drama in the furry fandom tend to be the source of the the drama. Just a side note: Offensive jokes are called offensive for a reason.
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If not watch it. As I grew and became confident, I learned how to deal with social awkwardness. And that my friend, is just a hint of the extent of u18chan brain wash that Mormons experience.

Why not kabier him where he wants the relationship to go. I wish you the best of luck.